Best Public Restroom – Jaycee Park, Owatonna

If you were confused by this category, or if you wondered what there is to celebrate about a public restroom, then it’s a good bet you don’t have kids.

Moms and dads have all been there: you’re at the park pushing the kids on a swing, or watching them play on the equipment, when suddenly they come running up to you with a panicked look.

“I have to go potty!”

This is serious. This has to happen now.


Or maybe you’re in that park with your baby and suddenly that giggling, gurgling bundle of joy smells of something so terrible you think that a sulfur hole may have opened up behind you.

That is when you really appreciate a nice, clean public restroom. Something convenient, with a nice changing table and plenty of stalls so you don’t have to wait around.

The City of Owatonna built and opened a lovely new pavilion at Jaycee Park this year. Along with the updated concession stand and expanded picnic area are the nicest public restrooms in Southern Minnesota. Nothing overly fancy, mind you, just great, clean places you can take your kids to avert disaster and give them the relief they need.

On behalf of parents everywhere, I would personally like to offer my thanks to the City of Owatonna.

-Rich Larson