Best Place to Spend New Year’s Eve – At Home

In 2015, rapper Earl Sweatshirt released an album entitled I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. Aside from being an incredible and stark declaration, it’s also a philosophy that I personally identify with—which is one of the reasons that I was approached by the Scene’s editor-in-chief to write something about how ‘staying at home’ won the distinction of ‘Best Place to Spend New Year’s Eve.’

Also, I’m the most agoraphobic among the writing staff.

Why would you even want to go out late at night in the dead of winter? It’s going to be cold. You’re going to be out late and you’ll be tired. The roads won’t be safe because there will be drunk drivers careening all over the place. More than likely you won’t even have fun at the party or wherever you were planning on going, and the people you were going to see at this event are probably all awful anyway.

So just stay at home with your family—your wife and companion rabbit (if you’re me.) Don’t try to stay up until midnight. Call it a night at, like, 10:45, because really, December 31st is just another day that, like nearly every day, is void of meaning.

-Kevin Krein