Best Movie Theater – Northwoods Cinema 10, Owatonna

I love movies, but in this day and age the only thing that will pull me into a movie theater is the special effects laden blockbuster. If I’m actually going to see a movie in the theater, that movie needs to have giant dinosaurs, evil robots fighting Norwegian Gods of Thunder or adventurous tales of heroes and villains set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. I can watch a character study or a romantic comedy in glorious high definition at home on my couch. But the big movies require the classic movie theater experience.

For my money – and I mean that literally, because going to the movies ain’t cheap (especially on a journalist’s salary) – there is no better place in SoMinn to get that experience than Northwoods Cinema 10 in Owatonna.

As much as we love to be transported away to worlds of fantasy and wild imagination, the real secret of Northwoods Cinema’s  success is the staff. The people selling tickets and popcorn, cleaning the theaters and helping you find your movie aren’t just polite; they’re personable and helpful. They smile. They make a joke or two. When you order a large popcorn with “butter,” they stop filling the bucket halfway to put a little extra in there.

And, by the way, the popcorn is outstanding, too.

Northwoods Cinema 10 is located at 300 Allan Ave. in Owatonna

--Rich Larson