Best Farmers Market - Owatonna Farmers Market

Although the hours specified are 7 a.m. till noon, vendors at the Owatonna Farmers Market begin rolling in much earlier than that. According to the market veterans, it’s all about getting your spot. I won’t let all of their secrets of success out, but many of them have been setting up shop at the Saturday morning market for well over a decade.

There is no charge to set up your stand at the Owatonna Farmers Market; you just need to find a spot. The last couple years have brought homemade cheeses, locally raised honey, heirloom tomatoes, a cotton candy spinner, and several gluten free options. Melissa Anderson is one of the long-time market goers whose jams, jellies, and baked goods in particular have created many regular customers. She has been in the same spot for basically the last ten years, give or take a few inches. The locals around the area know their canned goods and there are some exceptionally talented wood carvers. It is a very diverse market. You never know what you might happen upon so try not to come in a hurry, you might miss something special.

The Owatonna Farmers Market is held in Central Park every Saturday morning from 7am-Noon, May through October.

- Autumn Van Ravenhorst