Best Community Event - Defeat of Jesse James Days, Northfield

The annual Defeat of Jesse James Days (DJJD) was nominated as the “Best Community Event” in southern Minnesota, and for good reason. Spanning several days starting on the anniversary of the famed attempted bank robbery by the James-Younger gang, the DJJD brings thousands of people to Northfield to experience a variety of entertaining events.

T.J. Heinricy, coordinator for the DJJD events, noted that this is the third largest celebration in Minnesota, and they are dedicated to providing the best entertainment possible.

“This is the only totally volunteer celebration in all of Minnesota and the history goes way back, everybody celebrates since we celebrate the town's people, not the outlaws,” he said.

For four days, the downtown area of Northfield becomes a hotspot of history and entertainment, made easier due to the central location for nearly every activity.

“We couldn't do it without volunteers and community members,” he added.

So, if you like fair food, drinking, live music, watching kids compete against each other on little blown up horseys, watching actual live reenactments of the raid, rodeos, parades, carnivals, craft shows and a multitude of other engaging activities, then you best not miss next year's Defeat of Jesse James Days.

The Defeat of Jesse James Days is held annually in Northfield the weekend after Labor Day.

-Renee Brown