Best Casino – Treasure Island Resort and Casino, Red Wing

It’s a small thing, but it shows what sets Treasure Island apart from a lot of other casinos around here: Treasure Island doesn’t lie to you.

Nowhere in their marketing do they say anything about the odds being in your favor, or having the best returning slots. They don’t try to suck you in by making you think you’re going to get rich playing Pai-Gow at one of their tables. You’re a grown-up. If you want to sit down and play some black jack for a while, then you should do that without having some carnie try to reel you in with the promise of a “hot table.” We all know what the end result of most of these things is going to be. Treasure Island actually respects you enough to not treat you like a rube.

They also have some killer entertainment. Just in 2016 their showroom has seen, or will host,  the likes of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Boston and The Moody Blues.

Sometimes you just want to get away and go play with the other adults. Treasure Island allows you to do that without giving up any of your dignity.

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-Rich Larson